Valencia ranked as world´s healthiest city again!

It´s good news for the residents of Valencia as has wisely decided that Valencia is the most healthy city in the world in 2022, after also gaining top spot in 2021.

The study ranked Valencia as number one out of 96 cities and analysed parameters such as life expectancy, air pollution, obesity rates, safety and number of sunlight hours in each location. Coming in at number two was Madrid and 3rd Canberra.´s Senior Editor, James Andrews, writes “Boasting possibly the best paella in the world and some glorious weather, the city also has low pollution rates and very good healthcare. Life expectancy is high at 83.5, giving residents a long life to enjoy all the offerings Valencia holds. The musical and cultural heritage of the city is rich, and residents there put a strong emphasis on social connection, leading to a very healthy work-life balance.”

New metrics for 2022 with due to the pandemic also looked at factors such as healthcare coverage and the number of mental health nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists in each country.

I always thought Valencia was a pretty decent place to live. So many days of sunshine alone does make a difference to your happiness and now a study has confirmed it. Come and visit and see for yourself.

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