Tourism returns to Valencia

My last post was written just before the world changed. Well after two years the tourist industry is now beginning to recover and you can see the visitors are back touring the dry river on their hire bikes, walking around El Carmen and taking photos of the City of Arts and Sciences. A place as vibrant and interesting as Valencia was not going to stay quiet forever. Tourist’s are now more interested in the smaller group tour or possibly a private tour as the desire is to keep proximity with mainly the family or friends with whom they come on holiday. Indeed, here at Different Valencia we have modified our tours to be private groups which gives you peace of mind and an even more personal experience. I am very pleased that this city I have called home for many years is now looking and feeling like it was pre-COVID times. If you are planning a visit here then enjoy the top tourist attractions in the city and also treat yourself to a fun day trip into the villages and mountains.

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