Come and enjoy Valencia's famous paella and horchata and spectacular mountain views. Get to know and taste the real Valencia for a day.

Discovering Valencia Tour

Take a short ride into the agricultural region surrounding the city called ´La Huerta´. On this guided walking tour you will see the ancient irrigation system created by the Moors and the traditional farming buildings. Pass by fields which produce Valencia’s famous drink called horchata. It is a sweet drink with a unique taste (nutty and milky) which is typically served with home made pastry fingers. Horchata is made from tiger nuts which is the only place in Europe which is able to grow them due to the unique soil and mild weather. Horchata is now classed as an international super food with exports to countries like USA, Germany and Japan who are discovering its delicious and nutritious properties. And what better place to enjoy this drink but in an horchatería actually surrounded by the horchata fields themselves. Now that is local!

Next, you will be taken into the mountains just 40 minutes away to experience some spectacular views of the Valencian region. Standing on top of these iconic cliffs, which rise up 600m into the sky, you will have panoramic views across the stunning National Park mountains; including the Mediterranean sea and Valencia city.  Sit on the rocks, relax and admire the landscapes. Then take a short and easy mountain walk through the pine forest before lunch.

Everyone knows its famous dish is paella, but only locals know that to experience the best paellas you should avoid the touristy places in the city and go to the villages. Well, different Valencia has got this covered for you. After the mountain walk it´s time for lunch in a restaurant which has won the prestigious paella prize for the last five years . Here they cook their paellas in the traditional way, using open wood fires to give it the authentic great taste (vegetarian paella available). This is how Valencians go out for a paella.

After lunch, you will have a relaxing ride back to the city where you can feel you really have experienced and tasted the best of Valencia.


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